Oxford Club & MSA

Notice to Members, Guests and Vistors to the Oxford Club

Pending the Vaccination Legislation and the move to the Covid 19 Traffic Light system on Thursday 2nd December at 11:59pm the Committee of the Oxford Working Men’s Club & MSA have unanimously voted to designate the

Oxford Club as a My Vaccine Pass venue

To enter the Club and surrounds (including the carpark, and bowling club facilities) as a designated my vaccine pass venue all Club members and guests must be vaccinated and at entry provide evidence of a current my vaccine passport.

The Committee’s primary concern is the health, safety and wellbeing of all our members, guests and employees.

We live in difficult and uncertain times with Covid-19. The Committee must act in the members best interests even if that does not, and cannot be, in all the members’ interests.

The Committee believes the imposition of this condition is fair and responsible in the circumstances of the current pandemic which is designed to protect members, guests and employees.

Members still have the opportunity to vaccinate prior to this coming into effect and can then continue to enjoy the company of fellow members and participate in all the activities of the Club.

The vaccine pass requirement will come into force upon opening at 11am on Friday 3rd December 2021.

Non-vaccinated persons  will not be able to enter the Club and surrounds (including the carpark, and bowling club facilities) after this time.  Should a member not be able to be vaccinated due to medical grounds, they must produce a government mandated Vaccination exemption certificate.

We understand that this decision may be upsetting to some of our members and it has not been made lightly and is deemed necessary to ensure the health and well being of our Club members and employees.

Malcolm James - Club President

 Donna Hughes -General Manager